MSc (selected)


  • Arnaud Colat-Parros, Evaluation of seismic well tie for turbidite fan identification with machine learning
  • Adilet Kydyrgazy, Top-bottom modelling of hydrocarbon reservoirs based on data-driven proxy models


  • Nikita Yasenkov, Uncertainty quantification of reservoir prediction with Bayesian Evidential Learning based on the Watt benchmark
  • Julia Katie Alexandra Neill, Waterflood Optimisation in a Mature Field using Flow Diagnostics
  • Stephanie Herrington, Reservoir Characterization of the UDDGP reservoir using Rapid Reservoir Modelling Tool (RRM)
  • Rose Elisabeth Harriet Leadbitter, Using Process Modelling and Flow Diagnostics to assess geomorphological parameter influence on the static and dynamic response of fluvial reservoirs
  • Nathan Amaral, GAN Applications to Imaging of Seismic Obscured Areas (MACS)


  • Lindsay Herbert, Field Development Planning Utilizing Value of Information and Value of Flexibility Techniques to Reduce Uncertainty and Capitalize on Potential Opportunity
  • Alex Asiedu Nimo, Value of Information in History Matching and Reservoir Prediction


  • Julie Halotel, Facies classification using machine learning
  • Martial Morelle, Data driven based modelling of fluvial reservoir properties based on geologically realistic manifolds.


  • Ludmila Belyakova, Characterisation of uncertainty in naturally fractured reservoirs (NFR) flow response through static properties: connectivity and heterogeneity
  • Looi Lee Teng, Modelling Uncertainty of Non-Stationary Fractured Reservoirs
  • Tom Buckle, Investigating Fluvial Reservoir Uncertainty Using Process Models, and Their Application as Training Images in Multiple-Point Statistical Simulation
  • Rhona Hutton, Using high resolution braided process models for multi-scale MPS modelling of the Wytch Farm field, English Channel
  • Victoria Elizabeth Spooner, Uncertainty Quantification for Foam Flooding in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs


  • Alexander Bakay, Uncertainty quantification in fractured reservoirs based on outcrop modelling from northeast Brazil
  • Alexander Aitchison, Statistical Analysis and Modelling of Neoproterozoic Stromatolites Irece Basin, Brazil


  • Ross McGavin, Top-Down Reservoir Modelling of a Compartmentalised Reservoir
  • María Méndez Ramírez, Relative performance of History Matching algorithms applied to a real North Sea case
  • Fahad A. Bajammal, Assisted History Matching and Optimisation of CO2 Injection into the Naturally Fractured Reservoir of Tensleep Formation, Teapot Dome Field
  • Elena Muñoz Saiz, Geological history matching of Brugge reservoir section
  • Diana Carolina Tocancipa, Optimisation of Watt Field development plan for different top side facilities/ cost/constrains with economic uncertainties.
  • Daniel Orlando Higuera Roa, Optimisation of well placement in Brugge reservoir


  • Andrew Fernie, The differences between Buckley Leveret and simulation for different reservoir architectures
  • Junko Hutahaean, Optimisation of well placement to minimise the risk of scale deposition
  • Konstantin Gopa, Exploring uncertainty of discrete fracture network models


  •  Jhonnatan Jose Nodar Royero, Use of Produced Water Chemistry in Automatic History Matching of a Reservoir Model