Academic Staff

Prof Vasily DemyanovDr Dan Arnold, Associate professor

Affiliated academic advisors

Research assistant

Mr Vitaliy Starikov

AutoWell: Automated Well Monitoring and Control
– Unsupervised classification of flow regime features and pattern recognition in Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) data

Visiting Researcher

Dr Amirsaman Rezaeyan
Optimisation of CO2 emission contribution from reservoir development

PhD students

Quentin Corlay, CDT for Oil and Gas student, cohort 2018
Enhanced automatic seismic interpretation using Machine Learning applied to turbidite fan detection in 3D seismic data

Bertrand Cuesta
Use of Artificial Intelligence to Quantify Geomechanical Uncertainties Induced by Fluid Injection in Subsurface Systems

Athos Nathanail, CDT for Oil and Gas student, cohort 2018
Capturing interpretational uncertainty of depositional environments with Artificial Intelligence

Farah Rabbie,
PhD project: Uncertainty Quantification of Geomechanically sensitive Reservoirs Using Physics
Infused Machine Learning within Uncertainty quantification for the simulation of reservoir geomechanics and flow using machine learning JIP.

Gleb Shishaev, TPU research project studentship, 2018
Uncertainty quantification of reservoir performance with generative learning

Chao Sun, CDT for Oil and Gas student, cohort 2018
An artificial Intelligence approach to revisit History Matching with GAN reconstruction of physics based depositional models.

Affiliated academics (co-supervisors)

Dr Helen Lewis (co-supervisor for Bastian Steffens, Bertrand Cuesta)

Dr Andy Gardiner (co-supervisor for Athos Nathanail)

Dr Zeinab Smiley, external research on radiometric data geological mapping