Researcher Links Workshop for early career researchers from the UK and Russia

How to blend domain knowledge with learning from data

Funded by the British Council, supported by British Geological Survey and SAGES Small Grants Scheme


  • Bring together researchers across different disciplines of geoscience and data science
  • Develop a new outlook on tackling geoscience problems with data science approach
  • Establish collaboration networking environment
  • Promote active interaction with industry and public sector

We wish to build on our most remembering experience from the previous Researcher Links workshop “Prediction of Complex Reservoir Systems under Uncertainty” held in Tomsk in 2017, that was a great success story.

Workshop themes:

  • Porous media flow
  • Geothermal resources
  • CO2 and gas storage
  • Nuclear waste disposal
  • Lithium mining
  • Subsurface resources mapping
  • Impact on environmental systems
  • you name it …


  • Warm-up 1h sessions with Keynote talks: December 2021 – January 2022
    The warm up sessions in December will focus on the geoscience challenges and follow up with the session on machine learning solutions to address the challenges in January.
  • Face to face / Hybrid half-day sessions: February 2022, Edinburgh
    The half-day session will constitute of small-group exchange around the outlined geoscience challenges, materials under investigation (data and case studies) and data science solution pathways. The follow sessions will aim to consolidate the exchange and come up ideas for future networking patnerships.

Keynote warm-up session

We open the warm-up series with the talks on Geoscience challenges – views from the East and from the West.
More talks on Data science challenges are to follow in January warm up sessions to set the scene for the workshop.

Conveners and Mentors