Geoscience meets Data science workshop

We understand we need to organise the workshop during times and health & safety will be out priority there.

The workshop will follow the UK, Scotland and Heriot Watt University guidance for the public events to make sure to minimise the risk for the attendees, the hosting organisation and the general public.

The face to face event is currently scheduled for February 2020 subject the COVID 19 guidance will allow the face-to-face event for up to 40 people. Therefore, we are working on a contingency plan that will involve an online pre-workshop sand pit to initiate the networking between the participants before the face to face event.

We also understand the face to face event would entail international travel for the workshop participants from Russia. Current rules imply 10 day quarantine for those arriving from amber countries (Russia is currently on the Amber list) and are not fully vaccinated by the UK recognised vaccine (Sputnik V or any other Russian vaccines are not currently on this list). May they be recognised by the time of the event will enable to arrange the travel to the UK for the attendees from Russia. If this turns not possible the workshop will commence as a hybrid event connecting the participants on-line by extending the sand-pit capability.