GeoDataSciance group to present at IAMG 2022 in Nancy

GeoDataScience and UQ Group PhD students have been selected to give oral presentations at the International Association for Mathematical Geoscience (IAMG) 21st annual conference in Nancy. Honored to be part of a very high profile programme put together by the IAMG 2022 Scientific Committee.

Thu Sep 1st
  • Session 16 Reservoir/Petroleum Geostatistics
    S1601. Fast Detection of Geobodies in 3D Seismic with Unsupervised Segmentation – Quentin Corlay*, Dan Arnold, Dave McCarthy, Vasily  Demyanov
    09:50 Thu Sep 1st R01 ORAL
  • Session 01: Beyond Gaussianity: what is the status of the GANs, MPS, Cumulants or Copula approaches?
    S0109. What can GAN learn from depositional patterns to build 3D facies models? – Chao Sun*, Vasily Demyanov, Dan Arnold
    15:25 Thu Sep 1st R05 ORAL

Fri Sep 2nd

  • Session 23 Digital Outcrops
    S2302. Applying Image Analysis and Segmentation on Outcrop Data – Athanasios Nathanail*, Dan Arnold, Vasily Demyanov, Andy Gardiner
    15:05 Fri Sep 2nd R01 ORAL
  • Session 18 Uncertainty Modeling
    S1810. Uncertainty Quantification of depositional and structural properties with Generative Deep Learning and Graph Convolutions – Gleb Shishaev*, Vasily Demyanov, Dan Arnold
    15:30 Fri Sep 2nd R03 REMOTE ORA
Welcome and hope to see you in Nancy.