GeoDataScience group gave a series of talks at Cairn Energy lunch & learn weekly seminar

March – April, 2021

Cairn Energy invited GeoDataScience group to give a series of talks at the company lunch & learn weekly seminar and receive a valuable industry feedback to advance forward on the research topics:

  • How can Al techniques be used to support decisions making in subsurface activities, by V. Demyanov
  • Turbidite fan interpretation in 3D seismic data by point cloud segmentation using Machine Learning, by Quentin Corlay
  • Machine Learning for sedimentary structure classification, by Athos Nathanail
  • Modeling variations of complex geological concepts with Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) learning from process modelling , by Chao Sun
  • How Generative Networks can ​help improve geological history matching, by Gleb Shishaev
  • A workflow with dynamic screening assisted, automated fractured reservoir modelling, by Bastian Steffens
  • Can agents model hydrocarbon migration? , by Bastian Steffens & Quentin Corlay

Thanks to Dr Laura Bornatici and Dr Laura Robertson of Cairn Energy for the kind invitation and hosting all Cairn and HWU staff for the contribution.